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Geologic overview of the escondida porphyry copper district, northern chile, geology and genesis of major copper deposits and districts of the world. A characteristic feature of this zone is the coincidence in time and space between subductiongenerated igneous activity, crustal deformation and mineralization in the. Geologia, alteracion y mineralizacion del yacimiento tipo porfido cuprifero pampa lina, distrito sierra gorda, region antofagasta. Production started in 2006 with a planned 11 year mine life. Fiat ducato automatic electric step fiat ducato electric power sliding step 50 cm wide mod101 fiat ducato automatic electric sliding side steps are available for school buses, minibusses, panelvans, motorhomes, and campervans. Geologic overview of the escondida porphyry copper. Time scales of mineral systemsadvances in understanding. The establishment of accurate time scales of mineral systems is essential to construct reliable genetic models about their formation. The largest and betterknown deposits occur in northern sonora, whereas those from central and southern sonora are smaller and poorly studied. Users can purchase an ebook on diskette or cd, but the most popular method of getting an ebook is to purchase a downloadable file of the ebook or other reading material from a web site such as barnes and noble to be read from the users computer or reading device. Geological development and mineralization in the atacama. Now you create your own explainer videos and animated presentations for free. Late cretaceous porphyry copper mineralization in sonora.

Published data on atacamite genesis indicate that conditions prevailing during its precipitation were low temperature. The powder xray diagram has a good match with pdf file 250269. The role of soil could be decisive for the neutralization of the acid solution and immobilization of the metallic contaminants produced by mining industry. The role of the antofagastacalama lineament in ore deposit deformation in. Depositos asociados a rocas granitoides linkedin slideshare. Geologia y minerallzacion del yacimiento tipo porfido. Most of the mexican porphyry copper deposits are located in the eastern part of the laramide. We studied micromorphological indicators of the interaction between the acid solution and soil material in the profile of fluvisol at the bacanuchi river sonora river basin, mexico terrace affected by the catastrophic. Effect of an acid mine spill on soils in sonora river. See more ideas about geotechnical engineering, civil engineering books and civil engineering construction. By late 2011 most of the 7 principal copper oxide bodies were mined out and company sources indicated.

The suaqui verde porphyry copper deposit is a small ore body of about 20milliontons of oxide ore grading 0. Una reviston jose perello bhputah internationallnc. Time scales of fossil mineral systems are directly determined through radiometric dating of different stages of development of the mineral system. In fortuna del cobre, the premineralization granodiorite porphyry yielded an upb zircon age of 76.

Stern abstraet university 01 colorado, department 01 geologica sciences, boulder, colorado 80309, usa. Geology has no boundaries so we may publish papers. Milpillas mine, cuitaca, santa cruz municipality, sonora. The analysis of 47 goldbearing porphyry copper ores 0. Pdf geologia, alteracion y mineralizacion del yacimiento. Between the late jurassic and the middle miocene, widespread magmatism, tectonic events and hydrothermal mineralization characterized the geological evolution of the atacama segment of the south american andes. Pllocene to present migration of the volcanic front, andean southern volcanic zone charles r. Named in 1873 by charles friedel in honor of gabriel delafosse february 24, 1796 st. Geologia, alteracion y mineralizacion del yacimiento tipo porfido cuprifero pampa. Porfidos cupriferos sistemas del tipo porfido cuprifero generalidades. Geology and geochemistry of the suaqui verde deposit. Milpillas mine, cuitaca, santa cruz municipality, sonora, mexico. Pdf geologia, alteracion y mineralizacion del yacimiento tipo. Quentin, france october, 1878 paris, france, french mineralogist noted for making advances in understanding crystal chemistry and establishing a distinction between empirical and molecular formulas.

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